Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Motherland by Simon Roberts

Abandoned warship in the Kola Bay. Murmansk. Northwestern Region, January 2005

Yevgeny Chavkin. Ulyanovsk. Volga, June 2005

The lounge of a former sanitorium. Sludyanka. Eastern Siberia, November 2004

Ballroom dancers, Nikita and Rufina. Omsk. Western Siberia, May 2005

Zhenya and his pregnant fiancée, Mia. Yakutsk. Eastern Siberia, November 2004

Port officials. Vladivostok. Far East Russia, October 2004

" Roberts and his wife traveled throughout Russia between July 2004 and July 2005, making pictures in over 200 locations and creating one of the most extensive, comprehensive photographic accounts of this vast country by a Westerner. "

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Marian said...

the boat looks nice . and the people are wierd but in a nice way ..