Thursday, July 12, 2007

curzio malaparte - casa come me

sounds like sea and a volcano seen from the balcony :)
just like napoli

"Casa Malaparte, as the artists who have used it as backdrop have immediately grasped, is architecture in the service of the imagination. It is architecture for the loner who dreams a specific dream about power. This has nothing to do with the notion of the house as a social necessity and as a testing ground for improved construction techniques, such as envisaged by Libera in 1941: `We must deny the family house any character as art, and claim its aesthetic and human character.' Curzio Malaparte and his Capri architect have designed a three-dimensional object that can only be fully appreciated from a distance. Close to, one sees only the details; the architecture disappears from sight. From the inside it is impossible to make any connection with the exterior and vice versa. In practice, however, the occupants who walked over the geometric skin of this architectural `body' or looked out through its eyes, experienced a stimulating incorporeality. This architecture is about crossing boundaries and about surrender. Not surrender to nature or society, but to the domain of the artistic individual: the imaginary and its images."

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