Friday, November 28, 2008


looking at things from different angles, creating the possibility to chose the best frame for the observed inside cubio
possibility to add different colour 'filters' for the round openings if different colour light is needed to support the exhibits or for illuminating at night as an urban sign
friendly alien to familiarize with in a short time, creating connections
transparency through different sides leads to possibility to include the surroundings in the work of art designed to suit its context, raising questions of possible contextual unexploited values

Create a Mobile Gallery - Timisoara
The first step of the FABRIC SHARING POINT project will be to create a MOBILE GALLERY, a mobile structure based on the aims to give a free access to art in open space at the local community.
The mobile gallery/sharing point is an architectural and artistic project.
It is a mobile construction (with the possibility of being moved), structured around a cube with walls made out of glass, an access from outside, and light inside.
The cube would have the possibility to host art works, especially by a system of hanging. The viewing of the work is made directly from the public space.
Like this, the MOBILE GALLERY / FABRIC SHARING POINT would give the possibility for a wild audience to see multidisciplinary and artistic work, during the day and the night.

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