Tuesday, October 21, 2008

B3 Light-Machines in Bucuresti

The B3 elective course “Light/Shadow. Daylight as an

Architectural material”, which resulted in the design and

construction of the Light-Machines, was run and initiated

in autumn 2004 by the B3 teaching unit. They are

Per Olaf Fjeld, Neven Fuchs-Mikac, Lisbeth Funck and Rolf Gerstlauer.

The B3 light machines have no other program or

intention than the logic of the machines and their

capacity to contain and process light. The only true

offering of these machines is the perception of their 3-

dimensionality and the acknowledgement of spatiality

as the outcome of the machine in its processing of

light. The beauty lies in recognizing the machines

limitations; they do nothing but uncover emotions.

open 23 oct - 6 nov
UIAUIM sala expo
go play!

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