Thursday, May 22, 2008

vatnasafn / library of water

Vatnasafn/Library of Water’, commissioned by Artangel and created by New York artist Roni Horn incorporates a very unique take on the local geography, geology, climate and culture. In place of the former library’s book collection, Horn has installed 24 vertical glass columns, stretching from floor to ceiling, each filled with water collected from Iceland’s rapidly receding glaciers. The resulting collection is a metaphysical archive of Iceland’s geological history, together with an arresting effect of refracted and reflected light in the open space.


From 2007 Artangel is spreading its wings with a sequence of long term projects in different places around the world including North America and Europe. International artists will create projects evolved from an intimate connection with a place of enduring inspiration to them; their home town, the community where they live or work or somewhere else of special significance. Roni Horn’s VATNASAFN/LIBRARY OF WATER is the first of these long term commissions.

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