Saturday, July 14, 2007

RIP Robert Burås

“Our dear friend, Robert Burås, died on July 12 2007. He was 31 years old. Robert dedicated his life to music. He was a vital part of Madrugada as a guitar player and songwriter for 12 years. This last year was spent working with his side project My Midnight Creeps, as well as recording a new album for Madrugada. Robert died at a time when he was at his most creative. His recorded work as well as live appearances in Norway and abroad comprise an everlasting contribution to the legacy of Norwegian rock.

All who knew Robert and who worked with him will remember him as a genuinely warm and generous person who lived for music. We are many who love him. Today is a terrible day for all of us. Robert will always be a part of us, and he will always be deeply missed. Our thoughts now go to his closest family.

We ask that Robert’s family and friends will be given time to grieve.”
Sivert and Frode

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paperhands said...

Norway rocks! :)