Friday, April 20, 2007

D Book. Density, Data, Diagrams, Dwellings (2007)

The unorganised invasion of the environment is often justified by the expensive price of urban land and the need for larger homes. Moreover, the freedom to choose one’s residence is no minor argument for those who have dreams of green prairies with the promising independence of a single-family home, of the semi-detached home or even a row house, as opposed to that routine of stairs and lift. To complete that landscape, large consumer centres that are strategically placed next to motorways offer drivers a world of low-priced pleasure.

What should be done about such a panorama? Is there any possiblity for collective housing to be wanted by city dwellers? Is it true that urban centres will soon be inhabited only by the well-off and those at a disadvantage? What advantages can apartment life offer when the price per metre is more expensive than that of a single family house? Is it worth walking all the way to the supermarket when there are only two kinds of jam? What is the point of cultural activities if everything is on Internet? Is it true that collective transport makes dispersion even easier? Is there anyone who has never had problems with their fellow flat-owners? Does density not cause many of the conflicts that arise in coexistence?


ionuţ said...

eu te-am gasit asa, ca am intrat pe blogul "oricum", unde era postata o poza de la tine cu niste balcoane gri. mi-a placut poza si am zis sa vizitez si sursa;)
tu n-ai nici o adresa de mail la vedere, de-aia ti-am scris aici. eu am.
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manda said...

uite si originalul

e o fatada din satu-mare care mi-a placut, un bloc mai vesel decat multe altele :)

ionuţ said...

faină şi varianta iniţială, dar aşa tăiată este mai de efect.
şi precis mai ai şi alte poze pe flickr;) (n-am reuşit să-ţi desluşesc adresa)