Thursday, September 28, 2006


cripple tonight. shit
we feel it’s happening, still we don’t do anything to prevent it. we feel it’s being taken away from us, but we are tempted to believe that it cannot be our turn tonight. not tonight, nothing worse can happen. nothing worse than loosing our mind? we loose it frequently. I did loose my identity tonight. It was all on the back seat of the car. Special offer. I’ve lost my senses too. Where do I look for them? senses are easy to find, the really good ones. Reminders? Hit that wall, taste your blood, it’s the same taste. Making offers and take, that’s what all is about. (What about me? You don’t count, you’re to consume and to be consumed). I am a big consumer and I like to count. I count for my neighbours and they count for me. we’ve come together once. we knew about each other even before we’ve shaken hand for the first time. we were driven by the stories of ourselves. we were glad to meet.

“I don't have a name
I'm something like invisible”
miss kittin – neukolln

when did we last see a thing so precious that we couldn’t take it away?
we always like to find what we’ve lost

today i've won 3ron at rulette. it was 33black, then just black. i said to the lady- give me back just as much as i've started with(she was short on small notes, she let me know). then i thought, what'a heck, i sould have my winning, and i changed her the 5ron note. i have won 3 and i have lost 3500, still i felt i had to take that winning, it can be something to start with.

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